Best Treadmills for Home

best treadmills for home

If you are reading this, you already know there are so many treadmills models on the market. Varying prices, sizes and features can make it a minefield for anyone starting out. When you choose the treadmill suitable for you, there are some further things you should take into account before purchasing.

There might be features such as phone connectivity and durability, but the most important things to consider for a home setting are the dimensions and folding to take up less space. Treadmills at home are also a very good for weight loss. We recommend some great workouts for general fitness.

In order to understand what features you will need, there are some functional things that can persuade you. If you are starting out, you want to make sure that it can take on your ability to run slowly and get your balance.

Running surface dimensions
The minimum dimensions of the running surface are 40×120 cm. In fact, recent studies have noted that a treadmill with a running surface of less than 40×120 cm is less safe and can cause falls and injuries. So be wary of products with a running surface of less than 40x120mm which could be dangerous.

It is important that these devices are of good quality to prevent the impact of the stride when walking or running overloading the knee and ankle joints or the back. This is where a more expensive treadmill can make the difference. The more robust the treadmill turns out to be and performing like a commercial treadmill.

Engine power
An important characteristic for any treadmill is the power. This is advertised as HP. Don’t worry too much about the maximum power, but rather the continuous one. A good treadmill that offers high performance and lasts over time.  Continuous power is generally between 1.5 and 2.5 HP. This means a speed of up to 16-20 km / h, values that few can reach in racing and even less to hold up for a long time.

Full speed

Maximum inclination

However, there is another factor to consider too. Consider not only the structure but the performance achievable with your treadmill and, above all, its final price. There are two types of treadmill on the market, electric and magnetic.


Electric treadmill

Probably the most common type. This is because of its more effective and at the same time more practical use for a workout. That’s why it is this type of treadmill is used in gyms.

Compared to a magnetic version, it’s price is higher. However, it has a longer life span and certainly higher performance, and it can be able to support higher weights as well.  But the most important thing is that the electric treadmill can perform frequent and intense training sessions. As you progress with your running, having a treadmill that offers a more comfortable and harder session is a good investment for the future.

This type of treadmill often includes several preset training programs, the ability to train according to a goal and to carry out tests to assess the user’s fitness state. 


Magnetic treadmill

The magnetic treadmill is very different from the electric one. This is because, unlike the electric one, the magnetic one does not have an internal motor. That’s mean that its belt move working only goes for the strength of the user’s legs alone.

Furthermore, the performance of this type of treadmill is lower than that of the electric type. For this reason, this treadmill model is more suitable for those looking for a walking or for those who do not want to dedicate themselves to intense running sessions.

The price of this type of treadmill is clearly much lower than that of the electric treadmill too.

So, this could be the perfect right choice of those have a limited budget.  The weight and dimensions of this treadmill are smaller than the other type, and it is therefore better if you do not have enough space in the house.


What are the 3 best treadmills to buy?

Below you will find the list of those that, in our opinion, are the best 5 treadmills that are on the market.


Sunny Health and Fitness SF-T4400 Folding Treadmill
This treadmill offers 3 levels of variable incline and speed, which can be set easily and manually, ranging from 0.5 to 9 mph.

It is an excellent treadmill because it also offers various options to be adapted to any type of fitness.

It also has an integrated LCD screen and a convenient holder for a tablet or smartphone. Moreover, it is very easy to fold, so you will have no difficulty in storing it.

The coolest thing about this treadmill is that, despite having the same technology as many other great treadmills, this one comes at a really good price.


Horizon Fitness T101
Surely this treadmill is one of the best especially thanks to the excellent value for money. But also, because the bridge of this excellent fitness machine has been designed to cushion the run, helping to prevent pain or possible joint fractures.

It also reaches a top speed of 16 km / h and is great for both beginners and those who are already an expert in running.

Among the additional features, this treadmill offers several features such as built-in speakers. You can also get more value from Bluetooth connectivity and a stand that allows you to stream from your tablet or smartphone.

In addition, the integrated LED display will give you all the information regarding heart rate, heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled and time elapsed.


NordicTrack Commercial 1750


This type of treadmill is an excellent choice, also and above all, for those who are already an expert in running. In fact, the treadmill in question offers a maximum running speed that even reaches 19 km / h and different inclination or descent options to be able to choose every time you want to train, always different challenges.

Included in the price are on-demand lessons that you can use by downloading the iFit app. Thanks to this app, you can simulate routes involving places around the world, also choosing the speed and inclination of your route. The subscription is free for 1 year and will also give you access to NordicTrack guided workouts.

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citysports treadmill review

Another great seller on Amazon is this Citysports folding treadmill. This treadmill has some pretty good write ups and is certainly worth featuring on treadmill monkey, so here we go.


First off, let’s talk about the features. This showcases a 500W motor which the manufacturer says is low noise. The 5-layer running surface also has great shock absorption capacity. This is always a great feature on your joints. The weight capacity is a cool 100KG, something most treadmills in this price range don’t cover.

citysports treadmill

The LCD screen is pretty basic but actually looks really smart. The build quality is pretty sturdy for the price. As for setting it up, this is very easy indeed.

citysports treadmill

Why you might like this

The folding of any treadmill, we think is an important factor. This can be a game changer as some of the more expensive treadmills, often fold up but still take up space. This Citysports treadmill on the other hand, is another good contender for taking up little space.


Citysports treadmill

In terms of using it for running, the absorption is pretty good. You don’t get as much of a bounce on this one and the belt seems to be fairly sturdy. Once complaint though, is that the belt was a bit folded in places, but over time it adjusted.


If you are wanting something pretty basic and don’t want to take up much room, this is a great option to go for. If you want to burn extra calories, you should read our blog on using a treadmill to burn 300 calories.


  • Great and simple LCD display
  • Feels sturdy
  • Folds up well


  • Did not come with a UK plug (if you are in the UK)
  • Feels a bit cheap when folded up
  • Folding arms could do with being stronger



check price

UMAY LONTEK Electric Treadmill Review

Ok so we have one of the best selling treadmills for home on Amazon, the Umay Lontek. This, like our other treadmill reviews, covers what you should know about it before you make the purchase.

So whether you want to get fit, work out a bit more, recover from an injury, then a treadmill for home is an ideal way (if you have room) to get fit. A treadmill like the Umay Lontek is a great solution for this. Much like the Citysports treadmill review, the foldable compact nature of the treadmill is super, as like others. What makes this so good in Amazon’s reviews by customers? Well let’s find out.

Why you might like this

To start with, the foldability. As you can see from the pictures, the fold up on this is pretty good. Some treadmills can often be a little bit big when folded up, or even look awkward. This on the other hand, does not. The foldup is quite lovely.

Look and feel wise, the green colour might not be to everyone’s taste, but it has that modern home use vibe.


Let’s look at some of the specs. The Umay Lontek has the usual LCD display we have come to expect. Track your speed, heart rate and calories burned. There is a wireless pulse sensor also which is a nice feature. The belt measures 1025cm x 350cm which is a pretty comfortable size for a home use treadmill.

The manufacturer states that the max user weight: 90kg(198lb). This folding treadmill with multi-functional LCD disply that allows user quickly to track progress in speed, distance, heart rate and calories burned, and the foldable treadmill monitors your progress in real time, making exercise data at a glance. The wireless pulse sensor of this walking pad monitors your heart rate to achieve optimal intensity levels.


Overall we can understand why this treadmill, the Umay Lontek, is a popular choice. It is small enough to pack away and easy to install. The durability of it we are not totally sure of, however it is more than adequate for some gentle running. This kind of price bracket, is aimed at those who want to progress further and this ia a great starter.


  • The foldable aspect is very good
  • Good price bracket for what you get
  • Quiet belt, suitable for home


  • The digtal display feels a little cheap
  • Display is not massively clear
  • The metal structure looks a little cheap with bolts and easy scratched

check price


Burn 300 calories in 30 minutes with a treadmill

So you want to know how to burn 300 calories in 30 minutes with a treadmill? When you daily run or walk on a treadmill, you are not only losing extra calories but improving your overall health. The 3-12-30 is an aerobic exercise that works for many people and is within the perfect energy expenditure for almost all adults. But because of the intensity, this workout isn’t recommended for older adults or people with obesity and any chronic illness. But here’s the safest way to try the 12-3-30 workout without posing any health risks to your health.

Don’t get fooled by the treadmill

People think that the treadmill is the safest way to exercise, but you might get hurt if you aren’t careful. Besides, there is no significant difference between it going uphill. But on the treadmill, you don’t have to protect yourself by taking a walk on the road.

A 30-minute mountain walk seems extremely difficult, but a 30-minute treadmill walk gives you a little confidence.

Adjust the number according to your comfort and experience. Don’t incline instantly, or you don’t need to start at 30 minutes. Start with 3 mph as it’s reasonable. You can even slow down the duration of your workout.

Start with a flat treadmill and then go higher 0-3-30 until you become more and more comfortable incline higher. In addition, there is no need to go straight to 12 as you can slowly increase your incline. Try increasing 10-20% per week. 

Start with a flat surface

Start with walking, interval training, or jogging if you are about to start your exercise routine journey as a beginner. Don’t try going up a hill instantly. Firstly, make yourself comfortable with a flat surface and progress to the uphill. Getting started with going uphill can result in a severe injury.


Increase your incline gradually

Start at the easy level and slowly start increasing the incline. Gradual increases always work, whether it is about improving the intensity of a workout or increasing mileage.

The 12-3-30 workout starts with a 12-degree incline, so experts recommend starting it with a 4-degree incline. Without stressing your body, increase the angle up to 12 degrees over 3 weeks.

 Avoid doing it regularly

No matter what routine you are following, the rule is to give yourself a recovery day or alternate it with another activity to avoid the injury rate.

The purpose of telling you this isn’t to discourage you from doing exercise daily but at least not the same exercise. Take a day off from this exercise and do alternative light activities like cycling, swimming, or anything you enjoy.

Mix it up with stretch and strength exercises

Our posture while walking uphill can pressure our calf muscles, lower back, Achilles tendons, plantar fascia, and hamstrings. Doing the incline exercise daily can increase the rate of injury that can disturb your daily life.

Experts recommend doing core strengthening and stretching exercises to avoid the injury risk to avoid such injuries. 

Try low-impact workouts

If you want to be in good shape and get back into a regular cardio routine after a long quarantine time, then try out low-impact workouts. Brisk walking, cycling, cross-training, and cycling are even safer.

These are the ideal workouts for building cardiovascular endurance and starting an exercise routine. This exercise routine doesn’t have a lot of impacts as it goes easy on our muscles, tendons, and joints.

To avoid injury, try doing the 12-3-30 treadmill workout 3 days per week and these low-impact workouts the other day.

Is burning 300 calories in a workout healthy?

Calories burning exercises are a great way to control obesity and weight gain. Regardless of your weight, a 300-calorie workout can be an extremely beneficial way to improve heart health.


Final words

Even following all the guidelines mentioned above, don’t do this workout daily. Instead, try incorporating other low-impact exercises into your routine. If you are willing to get the most benefits from exercise, like muscle toning, weight loss, and many more, tries to find a program that you can stick to.

That means you have to look for a safe exercise routine that has a lower risk of injury, and the main thing is that you should enjoy doing that. If you are sticking to a routine, you don’t like, then you will burn out mentally in a few days.

If you are trying out the above 6-3-30 incline treadmill workout, drink water, wear proper shoes, and stretch before and after the workout.

Ensure the stretching of muscles, especially legs, where you will feel more tension like hips, calves, Achilles tendons, hamstrings, and glutes. 


How many calories do 30 minutes of treadmill burn?

While you are walking briskly, the treadmill should be at a speed of 4 feet per minute. A person with 125 pounds can lose 150 calories if doing brisk walking at 5mph. A person weighing 190 pounds can lose 222 calories from it. In the case of walking at a relaxed pace, you will not burn the calories you are trying to. 

Will burning 300 calories per day on a treadmill help me lose weight?

Doing exercises that can burn 300 calories will benefit your body, including weight loss. You will notice the control in your sugar levels, blood pressure level, weight loss, and improvement in your heart health. 

How long will it take to burn 300 calories on a treadmill?

It depends on the intensity of the workout and the volume of your physical activity. In the case of a 12-3-30 exercise, you can lose 300 calories in 30 minutes. In the case of walking for 155 pounds, a person walking at a 3.5 MPH pace will lose 300 calories in one hour. If you are traveling at 5 mph, you will be able to lose 300 calories in 50 minutes.



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